Best Indian Currency Ever- 2000 Rs Note- 5 CRAZY TORTURE TEST - Waterproof? Fire Proof?Color Fade??

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iMyFone iPhone Space Saver & Privacy Eraser: Hi guys , I apologize for anyone who take this video as a offense, for abusing Indian 2000 Rs currency. Please take it as experiment, nothing else. I have no intention to hurt anyone feelings. Thanks. New Indian 2000 Rs note most durable note till now. When you touch it it feel like cheap paper and flimsy. But it survive all the test. The note is not fire proof and I think its not a good idea to burn note. So I just put the note above a burning candle for a second. and it burned. Tests. 1 . New 2000 RUPEE NOTE Water Test - Waterproof? - Submerge for 30 minute 2. Boiling Water Test for 10 min 3. Soda Test Submerge into CocaCola Pepsi for 30 min - Note color changed Lillie bit. Then watch it using 7 UP and liquid soap 4. Submerge into acetic acid for 30 min - Little Note color faded away 5. Fire test, note is not fire proof. it will catch fire in a second. it is very clear from my experiment that it can prevent all types of liquids like sweat. so if you are standing in queue in hot sunshine and happened to swea ,or when you going rain.don't worry our new 2000 rupee is water proof and made with the latest technology to prevent fake notes from various countries like Pakistan. THANK YOU MODI FOR THE NEW 2000 I hope enjoyed it and if you want any changes for this kind of video write it down in the comment section. Watch My other videos: ▼Charge Your Phone using COIN - Amazing Life Hack - Science Experiment ▼ Amazing Old Broken HeadPhone Repair Hack Using same Jack → ▼Two Awesome IDEA To FIX HeadPhone Without Soldering → ▼USB POCKET POWER GENERATOR - Emergency Free Mobile Charger → ▼Amazing LifeHack - Dual Sim and MicroSD card working Same time (simultaneously) → ****************************************************************** Subscribe To me: Twitter : Facebook : ****************************************************************** Композиция "Cold Funk - Funkorama" принадлежит Executive Kevin MacLeod. LicenseCreative Commons Attribution ( Download link: Executor:

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