2d Animation tutorial - How To Animate With A Mouse

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1 year ago
Categories: Howto & Style

Video about using the mouse to draw. Vlad Gusev/Robotpunch: robotpunch.deviantart.com http://vldgsv.com/ Music "Kid Cowboy" and "Pixel Hero in Orchestral Trouble" by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra: http://syntheticorchestra.com/ http://blake.so/bandcamp http://youtube.com/dummeh Girl in the intro is a character created by caleb thomas. http://dctb.deviantart.com Software used: Adobe Flash CS5 also called Adobe Animate Main channel http://youtube.com/heytemb Social media stuff http://haitam.newgrounds.com/ http://twitter.com/heytemb/ http://haitam.deviantart.com/ http://heytemb.tumblr.com/

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