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How to Fix long loading screens in NBA 2K17 -Save All your files into online storage (REQUIRES PS PLUS) *Hit the psn button *Go to Settings *Select application saved data management *Select saved data in system storage *Upload to online storage *Choose NBA 2K17 *Select all your files and upload -Delete The NBA 2K17 Application *Go to the application *Press options *Scroll down to delete then delete the app -If you have the digital copy of NBA 2K17 press the psn button and scroll all the way to the right and choose Library -Scroll down to Purchased and choose NBA 2K17 then redownload the application and you can check the progress of it when you on the psn menu scroll to the left to the notification menu and then go to your downloads to see how long it will take before the download is done -If You have the physical copy of the game (The CD) you just want to restart the Ps4 and insert the CD back into your Ps4 and it should download the app and update files -If this method is done successfully your loading screens should be very quick now and you will not have to worry about long loading screens for awhile until to mess up again *HIT THAT LIKE & SUB FOR ME AND I HOPE THIS METHOD HELPED EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU

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