ChrissyBales || Step By Step Tutorial On How To Make A 360 Frontal wig

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Hi my WIG name is My 360 OLA PLEASE DNT FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE N SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ... X Hey ladies! :) The most requested video of the step by step tutorial(start to finish) on how to how to create a 360 lace frontal, as seen on my Instagram ..... is finally here! The days of looking for edges to slick is over. This frontal is everything! I mean you can part it anywhere and everywhere, you can tie it up in a bun and it gives you edges. Now St Claire's Hair are introducing a brand new Wig Kit which has everything you need to make a wig. What more do you want ? Enjoy! Peruvian Straight hair. Name: My 360 OLA Products mentioned in the video 1.Curved Needles 2.straight Needles 3.Black thread 4.Wig Cap Mesh 5.White Pencil 6.Wig Combs 7.Hair clips 8.Duck Clips 9.Mannequin Heads 10.Elastic Band 11.T pins The new St Claire's Wig Kit and is everything you need to make a wig! ORDER THE WIG KIT FOR £30:00 PLEASE EMAIL: Video mentioned: *** Chrissy Bales || How To Customize A Lace Frontal || Start/ Finish || *** ***How To Make A Lace Frontal Wig Tutorial || Start To Finish || ** ***ChrissyBales ||How To Customise/Tint A Lace Frontal For Dark Skinned Girls || .*** ***MY FIRST FRONTAL VIDEO*** ***HOW TO WASH A WIG.*** Stay connected with me on: Instagram: Twitter: @chrissybales Snapchat : chrissybales1 Email: order your wig) TO ORDER A WIG for bundles from St Claire's Instagram: @stclaireshair Email: Website: music by @angelbone

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