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Hey Everyone! Today I'll be showing you how to create Minecraft 360° Degree Videos! The whole process is pretty simple hence the long video, I just wanted to make sure that the tutorial is very thorough! So to create 360 Degree Videos in the style of minecraft (as I have done it in this video for example you have to have a few things ready: - A Computer running Minecraft 1.8 with Forge - The Replay Mod by CrushedPixel Installed (dev's twitter) His Website: - Youtube's 360 Video Metadata Tool and optionally a video editor The video tutorial I have uploaded should go step by step on creating 360 degree video using the replay mod and if you have any genuine questions, feel free to ask :) ~paulyaul Watch My Beediohs! Contact Dailyaulk! ¤ Twitter ¤ Google Plus 2015 Dailyaulk: Videos or Beediohs (as I call them) all week long!

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