How to make 360° videos! | Pre-Production | YouTube Space LA

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2 years ago
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360 degree video can seem complicated and confusing! But, that's why we're here. Check out these videos for everything you need to know in order to make your OWN 360° videos! Note: We focus on the Freedom360 camera rig in this series of videos, which is comprised of 6 GoPro Hero 4 Blacks. But these principles and tips are pretty universal! And remember! 1. Location is king! Find a visually interesting location to shoot in! 2. Use the entire space! Don't make a 90° video- make it a fully immersive 360° experience! 3. And ask yourself, does my video NEED to be in 360? Is the VR experience enhancing my story? Click here to jump ahead to our other 360° tutorials: PRODUCTION: STITCHING AND EDITING: _____________________________________________________________ Be sure to check out the 360° short films we made for Halloween 2015! Watch here: _____________________________________________________________ For more information, visit Learn. Connect. Create. _____________________________________________________________ Follow us at other internet places!! LOS ANGELES: NEW YORK: LONDON: TOKYO: BERLIN: SAO PAULO: MUMBAI:

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