The Making of 3D-animation (Cube-Grumps) - Pixlpit Tutorials

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3 years ago
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Fall into the pit- I mean.. Subscribe right here! - ---------------------------------------------------------- Sometimes people ask how I do things I do sometimes. This is how I do those things! ---------------------------------------------------------- MORE ME! WHAT! Twitter! Tumblr! Gameplay! Patreon! ---------------------------------------------------------- I make 3D-animations of things I find fun, mostly letsplayers from around the Youtubes. I work in Autodesk Maya, faces I draw in Flash, all of my assets are made by me, and the engine I render things in is called Redshift! Soundeffects and music from: Audio Micro and Youtube Audio Library ---------------------------------------------------------- Whoa, you made it all the way to the end of the description? Not a lot of people do that! Well done! *pats back* .. Well, I hope you enjoy what I did there! Welcome down, to the pit.. *evil laugh*

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