How to Make Ramen Like a Pro at Home Feat. Mr. Shono from MENSHO

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1 year ago
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※We couldn't turn off the fan so the sound is not clear. Please make sure to turn on the English subtitle :) Ramen creator Shono-san joins me today to teach a quick and easy ramen recipe you can make at home. With a balance of soup, tare, oil, toppings, and noodles, a ramen feast is just a few hours away. This style is known as Takeoka, after the region in Chiba where it is from. The broth is very simple, sometimes only the hot water from boiling the noodles. Noodles are dry, as opposed to fresh. Extra chashu and fresh onion are another staple of Takeoka ramen. FULL RECIPE SPECIAL THANKS to MENSHO (Mr.Shono) BLOG BOOK FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Yummy Japan Music Credit:

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