How to make a kitchen knife using basic DIY tools

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1 year ago
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Download the template here: If you print this page out on A4 paper, it should be the right size This step by step video shows the full making of process of my second knife, a ~28cm (11inch) kitchen knife / chef's knife. Having completed it, I would say that making a knife this size without a belt sander is more work than most people would be willing to do! Filing the bevels took an eternity, and I'll be sticking to smaller knives for the foreseeable future. All the steps can be easily done with no power tools whatsoever, though I do use an angle grinder to quicken the metal cutting process and a cheap drill press in the video to make my drilled holes more accurate. Most of the processes used I learned about on YouTube, and most of the materials used were bought from eBay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll get back to you Materials used: Steel: O1 tool steel £20.50 6mm brass rod for the pins £4.40 Wood: Elm (I got it from a friend) Tung Oil: £7.85 Tools: I already owned a jigsaw, angle grinder and hacksaw Generic bench drill £54 Mac Alister bench vice £30 Mac Alister File set £20 Irwin quick grip clamps £11.40 Lansky sharpening kit £36.45 Links: Gough Custom filing jig tutorial:

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