How to Build Garage Shelves | The Best Way!!

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11 months ago
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Are you sick and tired of your garage being cluttered up and having no room to park your cars or walk? That ends today with these garage storage shelves! The shelves don't take up any for space by utilizing the upper portion of the walls in your garage that never get used. If you'd like to build your own set of shelves, there is a shopping/cut list available below for free! Shopping List: 2x4's: 23- At 8' Long 3/4" Plywood: 3- 4'x8' Sheets Extras: 1- Box of 1 5/8" screws 2- Box of 3" screws 1- Box of 3.5" Wall Anchoring Screws Cut List: 2x4's 10- 8' Long (Main Shelves and Ceiling Mounted Braces) 26- 21" Long (Shelf Supports) 5- 45.5" (End Shelves and Ceiling Mounted Braces) 6- 48" (Drop Down Ceiling Braces) 3/4" Plywood: 3- 4'x8' (Lumber store can rip it down to 2'x4' pieces) Website: Twitter: Keek: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Jason Shaw from

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