LEGO Model Dream House Time-Lapse Build

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1 year ago
Categories: Film & Animation

Alas! A LEGO time lapse build, an often requested video, albeit of a house instead of a ship. Someday I'll do a ship! Anyways, here is my Lego Dream house, it is of an 100% original design, aka a MOC. It is a classical looking two story American family home. Decorated with a sweeping porch, dormer windows, chimneys, and white trim. It was supposed to feature a detached garage but I decided to hold out on building it due to lack of dark red pieces. - A model of this house was built in Lego Digital Designer beforehand to aid in the making of this video. - I plan to make an update video of this showing a fully furnished interior sometime in January 2017 Music: Waltz of the flowers

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