Le Mans 24 Hours - Dreamcast - 10 minute Le Mans - PAL

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5 years ago
Categories: Gaming

This is Le Mans 24 Hours for the Dreamcast (Otherwise known as Test Drive Le Mans in some countries) Here I am using the Toyota GTone on a 10 minute Le Mans. The game offers many reduced time limits for the Le Mans however you can race the full 24 hour race if you ever wanted too. Thankfully it offered a save race function when ever you pit so you could do the race in small chunks (I did this many years ago which upon completion unlocks the Lancia LC2 & Toyota GTone seen here) This game was later ported onto the PS2 which included a few new tracks but less cars. Also a PSX version came out around the time of the Dreamcast one but it was very limited in comparison. Apologies with the video I was having some playback issues on my computer and it stuttered now and then causing me to miss corners, also a rather ruined D-pad took some getting used too, my driving improved around the 2nd lap.

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