Breaking News - Hang-glider dies after crashing into cliff Lake Macquarie

7 months ago
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An experienced hang-glider pilot has died after he crashed into a cliff in Newcastle Thursday afternoon.The 62-year-old man from Lake Macquarie collided heavily with a cliff face near Shepherds Hill about 1.45pm.He reportedly crashed about two metres below the edge of the cliff after losing control of his hang glider.Bystanders attended to the man before emergency services arrived, but he died at the scene, authorities say.The man launched his non-motorised aircraft from Strzelecki Lookout, just 400 metres north from the scene of the crash.Newcastle City police Chief Inspector Gerard Lawson described the incident as 'very tragic'.'A man has lost his life doing something that he loved,' Inspector Lawson told Newcastle Herald.About a dozen people were there as the tragedy unfolded, including the man's family who were standing nearby.Forensic police attended the scene and a report is being prepared for the coroner. AutoNews- Source:

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