17 Life Hacks That Are Actually Useful

7 months ago
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From using coca cola for various things to the good ole fashioned trukoozi! Here are 17 Life Hacks that are actually useful. Subscribe to American EYE! 7. The Absorbing Trashcan Have you ever had a leaky trash bag that unexpectedly spill juices and the concoction of all your unfinished drinks each time you try to take it out? Well there’s a pretty simple life hack you can try to keep it clean! Try placing some old newspaper at the bottom of the bin. No one reads those things anyways and you might as well make it useful! They will essentialy absorb all the liquids that find their way into the trash and keep them from getting all over the floor. 6. Improvised Pillow While going camping, many people might focus on the main things that they need. Things like tents are of course important as well as a comfy sleeping bag. But one thing that many people tend to forget about is their pillow! You need something cosy to lie your head on. Getting bad sleep can result in many bad side effects, such as aching muscles and joints, chronic health issues like heart disease and strokes, depression and a whole slew of negative side effects you don’t wanna risk. Make sure you bring a pillow. If you take your bag of your sleeping bag, fill it with clothes and you got yourself a quick pillow. Something like a fleece jacket works great! 5. Hot Spoon to the Wound Another problem people might encounter while camping are mosquito bites which cause itchiness and are just downright annoying. Luckily there are some useful life hack to get the make the bite less irritating. Try getting a hot spoon that you put in some boiling water or straight out of the dishwasher after you cleaned it. Apply the spoon directly to the mosquito bite. When mosquitos bite you, they release proteins under your skin to help keep your blood from clotting. The protein with certainly cause itchiness but it won’t survive under hot temperatures. The heat that a hot spoon can transfer, should be enough to gradually reduce the irritation! 4. Lighter Measurement This isn’t just any ordinary lighter as you can tell from the photo. Not only are there hundreds of reasons to have fire, it does more than just that. It can also be used as a ruler. In case you really need to measure something in a hurry, keep in mind that from the bottom of the lighter, to the red fuel dispenser, it measure to be exactly 3 inches. It might not realize how important this is now, but when the time comes, you’ll know! 3. Cold Beer and Fast No one enjoys a warm beer. It’s just the facts of life. So here’s a pretty useful life hack to get it cold! Football season is here and we’re sure you’ll all wondering what the fastest way to get your favorite beer cold. It’s pretty simple actually! Grab a wet paper towel and wrap it around your bottled beverage of choice.Then all you got to do is throw in your freezer for about 15 minutes! Another way to keep your beer cold if you’re serving some in a cooler is to use, water, ice and the secret ingredient, salt! Freshwater freezes at 32 degrees but with natural solvents such as salt, you can keep that freezing point at 28 degrees. 2. Window Defroster It might start to be getting colder in some places around the world it might start to get a little bit colder and your windows might get frosted over. How are you supposed to drive when you’re windows are covered with ice! For this one, you just need some vinegar and some water plus a spray bottle. Just pour in about 2 thirds of water and 1 third of vinegar, shake up the bottle and start spraying. Some sites claim that you’re supposed to spray it on the night before and it will help make the ice come off easier. You can also try using ⅓ part of water and 2.3 part rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol has a much lower freezing point that water so it will never freeze. Coca Cola Lifehacks Coca Cola can do a lot of crazy stuff that you couldn’t even imagine. Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? Did you try using coca cola to get it out? It also can treat insect bites, make your hair lighter, trap insects, remove rust, remove lime scale, clean your headlights, washes away blood, and just about anything! Are they sure it’s okay for us to drink that stuff.

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