Roblox Adopt me! Baby Goldie Babysits Grandma ?? Bloxburg Roleplay - Titi games

7 months ago
Categories: Entertainment

Join me for a fun Roleplay in Roblox! Random Grandma is helping me babysit my baby Goldie in Bloxburg. While I go watch a movie Grandma and Goldie eat yummy ice cream and play video games on the computer. They play The Roblox Adopt me! Game and grandma plays as the baby! In this funny roleplay baby goldie has to take care of grandma, buy her a stroller, feed her, and taker her to the playground just like a real mommy! . I love this game, and i think its an awesome place to role play and have fun with family and friends during the holidays. This roleplay is cute and adorable and is perfect for all the family to watch together.

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