'Counting On' Fans To Derick Dillard: He Has CONFESS to Cheating on Jill Duggar!!! [VIDEO]

7 months ago
Categories: Entertainment

'Counting On' Fans To Derick Dillard: He Has CONFESS to Cheating on Jill Duggar!!! Jill Duggar’s husband has been a thorn in the side of his in-laws for the past several months, having apparently developed a taste for the spotlight following a series of ugly controve--ies. First, Derick launched an attack against Jazz Jennings on social media. Jennings is a tran---nder teen, who, like Derick, is the star of a TLC reality show. Derick took a lot of flak for bul---ng a 16-year-old girl on Twitter and Instagram, but he also received a smattering of praise from fans who share his ultra-conservative views. And it seems that was all the encouragement he needed.These days, Derick seems to have been emboldened, baiting his more left-leaning followers with claims that America is the least racist country in the world, and Bible verses that he claims support his views on the subservience of women. Recently, Derick voiced his support for Donald Trump, thus becoming one of the first members of the extended Duggar clan to publicly back a candidate whose views and behaviors often don’t align with the family’s Christian values. The upside of all the attention is that Derick is doing his part to help his in-laws remain relevant. The downside is that like the Donald, Derick now finds himself in the position of defending himself against allegations of se--al misc--duct. But instead of issuing a series of sternly-worded denials like Trump, Derick seems to be conceding that he behaved inappropriately behind his wife’s back.For several weeks now fans have been convinced that Derick is cheating on Jill, and his reaction to the rumors has only caused confusion.

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