4K Production Series Part 2: Ingestion, Computers, & Editing

7 months ago
Categories: Science & Technology

For part 2 of our 4K Production Series, we're looking at what happens after you capture your video. Doug explains how to safely ingest your footage to external storage, the computers and components you'll need to edit 4K footage smoothly, and a basic workflow to edit 4K video in Adobe Premiere. ►Overview: Why Shoot 4K? https://youtu.be/WIy6sfrQCDA ►Part 1: Why Shoot 4K? https://youtu.be/WIy6sfrQCDA ►Part 3: 4K Production Series Part 3: Color Grading & Finishing https://youtu.be/9n8A2LmkAeM Subscribe to the B&H Photo YouTube Channel http://bit.ly/SubscribetoBHPhoto Follow us on Social Media ► https://www.facebook.com/bhphoto ► https://www.instagram.com/bhphoto ► https://twitter.com/BHPhotoVideo

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