Las Vegas Shooting: Helicopter Flight Data |Masquerading as Plane|Mafia Wars?|[condensed]

6 months ago
Categories: News & Politics

Shepard Ambellas of (AlexJones 2017.1031) reports FAA & Flight Data Log shows 3+ Mustang Leasing helicopter assets - and in some cases 7+ helicopters. Started around 9:40pm Northbound , looped around. Hovered over Mandalay Bay for about ~1min @ 9:50pm ( presumably to drop off or extract ), then transponders went dark. ~10:05pm shooting starts 10:22pm helicopter airliner faking as American Airlines Flight 4119 'Photographer' wearing earbuds was told by security to get off roof, there's been a shooting... possible spotter. Helicopter hovered for ~1min before flying off at this exact location. 20-30 FBI at Mandalay Bay - still looking into details

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