How to Make Num Noms Cake Pops!

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12 months ago
Categories: Howto & Style

FULL RECIPE HERE: ETSY STICKER SHOP: ------------- I've always wanted to make something Num Noms inspired, so I thought why not make some ice cream cone cake pops? Or I guess they should be called Oreo pops? Whatever you call them, hope you enjoy these cuties! :D And make sure to share pictures of your treats on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #kawaiisweetworld! Oil-based Candy Color: ♥ Website: ♥ Snapchat: @kawaiisweeteats ♥ Facebook: @kawaiisweeteats ♥ Instagram: @kawaiisweeteats ♥ Twitter: @kawaiisweeteats ♥ Channel: Music courtesy of Nicolai Heidlas “Happy Chances” and “Morning Sun” FTC: This video is not sponsored

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