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Learn how to grow nails faster naturally - with superwowstyle! Subscribe to my channel: ♥ ♥ Share this video on facebook and twitter, and dont forget to comment below with what you think!! Short Nail Art Vidos ▶ Today I will be sharing my secrets on how to grow nails faster naturally at home! These are some really cool tips that can be tried by everyone using a few basic things around the house! For more such awesome videos: Subscribe - (That way you will get updates from this channel. I mostly update videos on nails, fashion, clothing and beauty!) Music taken from - The Youtube Library , And from audionautix. ---- I have had a lot of people ask me questions like how to grow your nails in 5 minutes or how to grow your nails in one day - well if you are looking for a solution as fast as that, let me assure you, it does not exist. If there is someone you know who claims that they grew their nails in just a few minutes or hours, they really are hiding the truth - they got acrylic nail extensions that look and feel so natural, that you won't even be able to tell the difference! So keeping that aside, let me tell you about what these TIPS can help you with - 1. If you follow all of these processes, your nails ca easily start growing about 30% faster, if not more. Keep watch out on my channel here to see how fast my own nails grow, using these ideas! 2. With these tips your nails will get stronger and shiner too. If you want nice healthy nails that seldom break. I used to follow all these rules before, but of late I have been ignoring it all. AS a result of which, you can see what happened to me! Hopefully I will grow them back soon enough and get back to doing my nails the way that it is more fun! 3. With these tips you will not only be able to grow long nails tips, but also have lovely and clean cuticles! They will look nice and healthy and shiny and help your hands look just a lot way better, with out without any designs! So if you want to learn how to grow nails fact in one day - all that has taken me years to learn myself - all wrapped up in one quick tutorial, then this is a video for you to watch! I think, that depending on your food habits and genes, with the help of these methods, you should still start seeing a huge difference in about 7 days timeline! So learn how to grow your nails fast and long in a week here! Things taught in this video: 1. A cuticle massage technique 2. A Quick finger exercise 3. How to take care of your nail shape 4. How to stop cuticles from slowing down the growth 5. How to keep nails strong Most of these ideas, if not all, are are very new, and are barely known to most girls. I found that very sad, since these ideas have helped me so very much in the past already and I can tell you for sure that these things really work like a charm! Last time I broke my nails so bad, and in such a desperate situation was when I had just started making such videos on YouTube! That time was when I came up with these ideas after reading a science article in a magazine that talked about this stuff and all the science behind how and why of nail growth, health and development. I was intrigued and with some help from the magazine and my ideas on what should work, I experimented around a bit and got this done! I have tried this a few times since then, which is why you see my nails just shoot up in size after every 2-3 videos on the shorter nails! So, I am sure that if you follow these tips well enough, you will come back here soon to thank me for the tips! --- For business reasons ONLY, contact here: Please use email id only for business related questions. If you have any comments or questions related to this video, please post those in the comment section! --- About Me: My name is Prachi, and I am a self taught nail artist. I have never learnt anything even remotely related to arts in any from formally. I love doing my nails, and also a bit addicted to fashion and beauty magazines, hence this channel :-) ---- I hope you enjoyed this video. If you think it deserves a 'like' don't forget to click on that button then to let me and others know :-) Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me, they have helped me learn so much over the last few years! XOXO Prachi ** All products purchased by my own money. This video was not sponsored, there is no endorsement here (paid or otherwise). I have only made this video to enlighten my viewers and not sell any brand.

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