How to Make an EPIC Triple Ninja Star! (Tri-Star) - Rob's World

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3 years ago
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Enjoy This Video? Check out my Origami Playlist HERE: My 100th video!! :-D Here I show how to make the Triple Ninja Star (a.k.a. The Tri-Blade, or Tri-Star!), a 3-pointed Shuriken which you can throw around the world :- This is a really awesome modular origami ninja star which flies very well and far! As you can see in the video, Jeremy throws it all the way from California to New York! :-P To make it, you'll need 3 square sheets of paper. I use 8.5" x 11" letter sized which I convert into a square, but you can use origami paper as well. If you are using origami paper, be sure to start with the WHITE side (plain side) facing UP. Once we create 3 modular units, we can join them together to form the Tri-Star! Grab your paper and try it out! :-) If you do make it, post a picture on my Facebook ( Thanks to those who already have! :-) Sorry my PO Box is temporarily Shut down :-( Thanks to all who sent. Do NOT send mail to the address even if you still have it as it will get returned to sender. Thank you. This model was designed by Jeremy Shafer (JeremyShaferOrigami) Check Out Jeremy's Tutorial for this Here: Main Channel: Google+ Merch: Twitter: Introduction by CyberToons:

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