How to make Ramen noodles from scratch: alkaline noodles recipe

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4 years ago
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Ramen noodles (also known as Chinese noodles or alkaline noodles since they are traditionally made with kansui) can be easily made at home with baked baking soda. The dough is tough and it may take a few tries to get the noodles right, but knowing you made your own yummy yellow springy ramen noodles without industrial food colouring, additives or artificial drying agents in mass-produced packaged ramen makes it totally worthwhile. Pair your homemade ramen with a good Tonkotsu broth (like this one: and this will make it to the top of your list of comfort foods. CREDITS The music used in this video was arranged and produced by Tom Cusack. The music is fully licensed for personal and commercial re-broadcasting use under an Attribution Creative Commons licence provided it is accredited correctly. Full details of the music can be found at the website: Tom Cusack invites any YouTube member of staff to contact him directly in the case of any queries arising from the use of this music in other peoples' videos

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