How To Make the Perfect Omelette

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9 years ago
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Jack Scalfani shows you a great way to make an omelet perfect every time. Be sure to subscribe to this channel. Here is the recipe: Perfect Omelette recipe 3 eggs splash of milk butter or non stick cooking spray your favorite ingredients diced (onions, tomatoes, ham, bacon, bell peppers, etc.) your favorite cheese shredded Directions: spray or butter an oven safe pan (pan can withstand 350 degrees in the oven) scramble eggs in a bowl add small splash of milk and scramble it into the eggs pour bowl of mixture into pan over medium flame wait for base of egg to start solidifying and then add your diced ingredients next top it off with shredded cheese. Place frying pan in oven under browning wire or broiler flame for 1-2 minutes remove once cheese is melted. slide onto plate. enjoy.

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