how to make 12v battery level indicator at home

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11 months ago
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hello friends today i am showing how to make 12v battery indicator . It costs less to build and can see your battery level with this indicator subscribe to my channel - facebook page - Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: circuit diagram - required :- 1. resistor 56k, 18k, 4.7k 2. diode 1N4007 3. 10 segment led bar graph 4. connector strip 5. 2 pin pcb mount screw terminal block connector 6. Potentiometer 10k 7. zero pcb 8. lm3914 ic to make simple boat at home to make emergency phone charger at home to make Pencil Sharpener Machine at home to make small size portable 220 ac inverter at home to make usb bulb light to make 1s, 2s ,3s battery at home to make Electric Screwdriver to make usb power tester to make electric mosquito repellent Fast Card Burner to make all in one android data cable

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