Arduino 3D Printer | Homemade - Part 1

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10 months ago
Categories: Science & Technology

Arduino 3D Printer Homemade In this video, I introduced all Parts that I used to Build my Homemade 3D printer and the Complete Build Process.I have Build this 3D Printer in less than 150$ and have achieved an excellent Print Quality at the Price.You can Buy all the 3D Printer Parts From the Links Below.I have Divided the 3D Printer Build Process into three Parts.I hope You enjoy them all. Parts Used: Arduino Mega+RAMPS 1.4 Shield+4 x A49AA Stepper Driver- 5 x NEMA 17 Stepper Motor- E3D Hotend- 3 x Endstops- 240 watt Power supply- MK8 Extruder- LM8UU Bearings+GT2 Timing Belt+ 2 x GT2 Pulley+ 2 x Coupler- 8mm Smooth Rods M5 Threaded Rod 3mm Acrylic sheet Angle Brackets Aluminum Channel for Frame M3 Screws Music: Provided by NCS Kontinuum - Aware [NCS Release]

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