Amazing $ 1 per Car! Car Vending Machine - How to make Car Vending Machine for sheet $ 1

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10 months ago
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Amazing DIY Car Vending Machine! How to make Vending Machine - How to make a Car Vending Building at Home? Very easy, in this video I will guide you: How to make Car Vending Machine for sheets of 1 dollar with DC motor at home (Electric Vending Machine). I made this Car Vending Machine from using Cardboard with motor DC. This is a Car Vending Machine with a Operating system from 2 DC motors power is perfect, it active amazing. The key to its operation is the sheet $ 1 - Automatically sell with $ 1 per Car. I like this Car Vending Machine, it's great, a handmade Vending Machine at home. Amazing! I hope everyone also likes this it! I can turn Car Vending House into my school project and I want to share this idea with all my subscribers and people around the world. Tool: Cardboard, 2 motor DC 9V, PVC Pipe, 4 Plastic bottle cap, 4 sheets of 1 dollar, 1 coca cola cans, bamboo skewers, straws, hot glue gun... and perseverance to make this Car Vending Machine. If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :). ___ ▶ Welcome to our channel: "Subscribe" to see my latest video. ▶ My Google+: Thanks for watching!.

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