Minecraft 2x2 House | How to make a TINY House in Minecraft | Minecraft Lets Build Tutorial 2017

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Sometimes you don't want a mansion... Small is everything it doesn't get much smaller than this! a 2x2 house that includes EVERYTHING you need! The ULTIMATE Starter House in Minecraft Possibly the best Minecraft starter house 2017 How to make a TINY house in minecraft - 2x2 footprint Today I am building a tiny 2x2 house in Minecraft. It is an super simple starter cottage that takes almost ZERO Resurces, but it has everything you need, a bed, storage, a crafting table, a furnace a farm, an anvil and a working from door with plenty of light. So simple - its a great first Minecraft house for your first few nights and is completely secure. A minecraft starter house to end all others. A footprint of just 2x2, yes a 2x2 house Be the envy of your friends - never accept less. It looks good too! Maybe take this simple easy design and adapt it for your own use? add more detail or take it away. No Redstone in this build, but you could easily add some redstone to make it a more active redstone build for minecraft Don't forget to hit LIKE, and Subscribe Follow me here: Twitter: @AvoMinecraft Insta: AvoMinecraft Facebook: Avomance Minecraft SnapChat: Avomance Pintrest: Avomance Vidme: Avomance Its all about the social media! ************* Family Friendly content - no swearing Child friendly channel ************* Don't miss some of the other videos on my channel: Fast Zero Redstone Elevator: https://youtu.be/fht6qcpPL7s Redstone Elevator: https://youtu.be/tMvUETA6gGg Long Range Artillery Cannon is here: https://youtu.be/PIxlzS6EHIw A Working Laser Door is here: https://youtu.be/n_Q03ZAcRyU The wooden cottage is here: https://youtu.be/r460FV0Q7iA The Small modern house is here: https://youtu.be/T0C5HffGJP4 Starter survival house is here: https://youtu.be/4HDEr8BoEpU The Hidden Piston door | Jeb Door is here: https://youtu.be/DnPGwvSLoeY The Large Modern House is here: https://youtu.be/df8Yraz2FtI Farmhouse and outbuildings/fields is here: https://youtu.be/R0dIbs-5lF0 Please do go take a look - and hit like! There are many others to choose from too! *************** Minecraft is a sandbox game where the only limit is your imagination. Many famous YouTubers such as Stampy, DanTDM The Diamond Minecraft, LDShadowLady, Seth Bing, Mumbo Jumbo, Ssundee and CaptainSparklez have made a career and a business out of this game originally created by Mojang and now owned by Microsoft. The creator, Notch, is no longer associated with the game but is commonly seen as the genius that created the world Minecraft can be played in sandbox creative mode, or in more challenging survival modes where death comes regularly from mobs and monsters such as creepers, zombies and skeletons. A time lapse build in Minecraft often uses the ReplayMod tool available through the FORGE Mod which allows third party recording of the player which can then be sped up in most editing software packages such as Camtasia or after effects *************** Music no music today - just an awesome tiny minecraft house - a 2x2 house in minecraft *************** Keywords: how to build minecraft minecraft cottage How to build a minecraft house 2017 Best Minecraft starter house 2017 2x2 house 2 x 2 Tiny house tiny minecraft rustic house mine craft rustic house rustic house cottage rustic cottage lets build minecraft lets build Minecraft build tutorial creation create how to build in minecraft Block by block minecraft animation minecraft challenge how to play minecraft how to build a cottage how to build a house in minecraft tutorial avomance avo avomance gaming best minecraft starter house minecraft starter house perfect house

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