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Do NOT make slime at 3AM Edible Starburst candy Slime DIY. In this scary 3:00AM video I make slime with my cousin at night. This is edible slime candy you can EAT!!! Fun challenge experiment with easy kids / children safe candy slime. Do not make slime at 3am. In this episode I make edible slime at NIGHT! NEW video. Youtuber's such as Sis Vs Bro, Guava Juice, KittiesMama, Rebecca Zamola, Daily Bumps, JacyandKacy, Nicole Skyes have all done the 3AM SLIME CHALLENGE! This challenge was created by Ruby Rube. Watch in HD! Family friendly video Watch in HD!! Making Slime is a fun summer time entertainment for kids and arts. This is a It's easy to create. Fun video for kids to watch and families. Family friendly video. Watch in HD ★ My Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: itsKiKiPepper itsKikiPepper HOW TO MAKE EDIBLE SLIME : Two packs of starburst Powered sugar DESCRIPTION: In this 3am slime challenge video I make 3am slime. This is a homemade smile simple life hack that anyone can do. We hear voices of ghost in this video and it is scary. If you want to make slime it is east all you need is candy. Slime without any borax is fun to make. These hacks are great to use. AWESOME videos to watch of slime DO NOT MAKE SLIME AT 3:00AM Do not talk to siri at 3am $1000 Slime Challenge! MOST EXPENSIVE DIY Giant Fluffy Slime!! $500 Slime Challenge! LIFE SIZE SLIME Karina Garcia 5000 Pounds Of Slime In Hot Tub! Rclbeauty101 DO NOT USE BATH BOMBS AT 3AM! (GHOST) DO NOT MAKE SLIME IN THE DARK! 3AM CHALLENGE *I almost lost my hair* 10 VIRAL SLIMES TESTED! 100 LBS OF SLIME! DIY Giant 45 Kilo Slime Stress Ball! DIY MEGA FLUFFY SLIME! Giant Slime Monster! Learn Colors For Kids Children Toddlers with Slime SLIME BATH CHALLENGE! Guava Juice DIY FLUFFY SLIME! How To Make The BEST Slime! Butter Slime GIANT SIZE How To! $100 DIY Slime Challenge Recipe

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