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Hey friend, I'm JSH DIY and WELCOME TO THE HAPPY SIDE OF YOUTUBE!! Today I will be showing you how to make slime without glue so if you want to make slime but you don't have glue your in luck!On my channel I show lots of new ways to make slime without glue, so if you don't have glue you should subscribe to learn how to make make slime without glue!So next time you want to learn some new recipie for DIY slime without glue come stop by my channel! SUBSCRIBE TO ME FOR YOUR DAILY DOSE OF HAPPINESS AND SO YOU CAN JOIN THE SUBSCRIBER SQUAD, ALSO MY CHANNEL IS LIKE FREE TV/NETFLIX SO COME ON AND SUBSCRIBE! and if your right know like "ha well I'm not going to subscribe because you asked me" then ok but you are missing out unlike my subscribers :)! ALSO IF YOU COMMENT "NOTIFICATION SQUAD" and I see that your subscribed I might give you a shoutout!!!!! So come hang out with me again and stop by my channel! Become apart of my Insta parties and go follow my acount so you can watch behind the scenes videos, hang out with me on LIVE STREAMS and so I can follow you!

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