How to make homemade Ice Cream | Rocky Road Ice Cream | No Ice cream machine

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How to make home made Ice Cream | Rocky Road Ice Cream | No Ice cream machine Ingredients: 2 packs all purpose cream or 500 ml Whipping cream 1 big can Evaporated Filled milk 1 can Chocolate Condensed Creamer (1 can Condensed milk + 1 cups cocoa powder) 30 grams cocoa powder 1/2-1 cup crushed nuts 1 cup mini marshmallow ice as needed Procedure: 1) Place beaters inside the freezer for 2 hours 2) Place all purpose cream inside the freezer for 2 hours 3) In a bowl combine Evaporated mik, cocoa powder and Condensed creamer. Mix well 4) Place the Milk mixture inside the freezer for 1 hour 5) Set up: In a big plastic basin add ice and place the mixing bowl or a big stainless casserole over the ice. Then surround the sides with ice too. 6) Beat the all purpose cream for 10 min. in high speed 5) add the milk mixture gradually and beat for 5 min. in high speed 6) fold in nuts and marshmallows 5) put the ice cream in salad cups or ice cream tub. Add toppings 7) Freeze overnight! tips: you can add more cocoa powder or food coloring to achieve dark brown color. Make you own ice cream at home. No need to use ice cream maker. This recipe is easy, cheap and you can make money out of it. Make this you summer business, surely many will love this! Related video: Mango Graham Ice Cream Oreo ice cream Like us on facebook Subcribe on our youtube channel Follow us on instagram

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