How To Make a Cartoon | For Beginners Part 2 - After Effects Tutorial | ROSS PLASKOW

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SUBSCRIBE ► TWITTER ► WEBSITE ► BACKGROUND ART BY LARA-JANE VAN ANTWERPEN | ***MORE DETAILS AND SHORTCUTS HERE*** You will need Photoshop and After Effects to complete this tutorial. Any questions please ask in the comments and I will gladly answer. Photoshop Shortcuts B - Brush Tool E - Eraser (works in a similar way to the brush) P - Pen Tool (For drawing smooth shapes) (You must rasterize a pen layer before you can edit it) V - Transform C - Crop Ctrl/Cmd + Z - Undo last task Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + Z - Undo many tasks After Effects Shortcuts P - Position S - Scale R - Rotation T - Opacity U - Show keyframes in layer Ctrl/Cmd + A - Select all Y - Change anchor point B - select the beginning of a playback section N - select the end of a playback section 0 (on a numberpad) - RAM Preview I recognise that my style of animation pales in comparison to line-drawn animation. I create cartoons purely for my jokes and scripts. This tutorial was made with the intent of helping people with no experience in After Effects create a character animation and to show them how to make a simple cartoon from start to finish. This After Effects tutorial was created by Ross Plaskow This is strictly for beginners. For After Effects tutorials: For Meat Mysteries: For Dinosaurs in Space: ROSS PLASKOW AFTER EFFECTS CHARACTER ANIMATION TUTORIAL

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