Make Ringtone without iTunes - 2017 (Easy Method!)

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Make Ringtone without iTunes: You can easily make ringtones without iTunes using a free app called GarageBand. It does not involve a computer or iTunes, and the entire ringtone or text tone creation process can be completed directly on the iPhone in just a few moments. Link for GarageBand App : Steps: 1. Open GarageBand app. 2. Select 'AUDIO RECORDER' 3. Tap 3 lines at top left corner 4. Tap the [+] BUTTON at top right corner. 5. Tap 'SECTION A'. Change existing '8' number to '30' by tapping arrows. 3. Click on the 'CIRCULAR LOOP' icon at top right corner. 4. Select 'MUSIC' tab. 5. Select a song from various options like 'Artists, Songs, Playlists etc.' 7. Hold and drag that song on the section. 8. Tap ouside and close the menu. 9. Use handles to select your favorite part of the song. Once done, drag it to the start point. 12. Then select 'INVERTED TRIANGLE' at the top left corner, Select 'MY SONGS' 13. Then click on the 'SELECT' at top right corner. Select 'MY SONG' 14. Click on the 'SHARE BUTTON' at the top let corner. Select 'RINGTONE'. Rename it. 15. Click on 'EXPORT'. Your ringtone is ready. Select 'OK' 16. Go to 'SETTINGS - SOUNDS - RINGTONES'. Select your new Ringtone that you have just created. That's it. Hope this helps! Enjoy! ======================================================

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