How to Tie a Tie: The BEST Video to Tie a Double Windsor Knot (slow=beginner)

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10 years ago
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New Knot - The Half Windsor: There is a reason this video has taught more people to tie a tie than any other in the history of neckties! This video is easy to watch and goes slowly, step-by-step to help you tie a tie your first try. Quick version of the double windsor: coming soon. The Double Windsor knot is a popular necktie knot because it is symmetrical. The Double Windsor is also a more formal knot, great for proms, interviews, or weddings. This instructional video will teach you how to tie a tie with ease. MAKE US WISH WE COULD CLONE YOU Some viewers just rock. Be one of them by completing the following tasks. 1. Comment on this video. We still read them all and respond to the most creative and thoughtful. 2. Subscribe to MyNiceTie: 3. Tag your knot #mynicetie on Instagram: 4. Buy at tie and change the world: HOW MYNICETIE CHANGES THE WORLD Did you know that MyNiceTie give a portion of every sell to help poor people all over the world! Check out our cause:

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