How to Tie a Tie: Super Fast and Easy

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1 year ago
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A short, step by step tutorial on how to tie a tie super fast. You will be able to tie a tie in less than 10 seconds. Master how to do a tie in no time at all. Perfect for job interviews, proms, weddings, formals, graduations, work and business meetings. A sharp, triangular knot - quick as a flash. Don't let the neck tie be the bane of your existence. Make them work for you! Wear a neck-tie with confidence and evoke respect, professionalism, sophistication. Wear a tie with refinement. There are many ways to tie a necktie. Check out these videos on the Windsor knot, Half Windsor knot and Four in Hand knot: How to tie a tie using the Windsor knot: Also known as the Full Windsor or Double Windsor. Uber cool. The classic knot. How to tie a tie using a Half Windsor knot: The Half Windsor (aka Single Windsor) is a popular way of tying a necktie with a simple, symmetrical, triangular knot. The Half Windsor is larger than the Four in Hand knot, but smaller and easier than the traditional Windsor knot. Very easy and quick. If you're looking for something even quicker and easier, try how to tie a tie using the Four-in-hand knot (4 in hand): -- Music: Sugar by Vibe Tracks (Source: YouTube Audio Library)

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