Making the Archer Queens Crossbow Prop from Clash of Clans

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3 years ago
Categories: Gaming

Here's how I made the Archer Queens crossbow (xbow) from Clash of clans. This has to be one of the most requested props I've been asked to do. This would be a great project to make if you're planning a cosplay archer queen from Clash of Clans. Sorry but there are no real plans for this, just the video for inspiration and tips. Enjoyed, a thumbs up would be awesome and be sure to subscribe for more creative video game creation. Thanks & Cheer-bye! Music by Kevin MacLeod - Ouroboros - Pinball Spring 160 If you have any video game prop requests you would like to see me do then please leave your comment below. *** Find Me *** FPSXGames Blog: Like: Follow: Plus: Pin: Instructables: Reddit: Art: *** Support *** Etsy: eBay: JINX:

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