Home Made Pill & Tablet pressing TIME TRIAL

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5 years ago
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This is harder than it looks. Takes literally hundreds of trials before you can consistently press tablets that are "Derp" free. This can be used for pressing your own health supplements into tablet form. Gelatin capsules are still much easier to work with. But i enjoy the fine meticulous craftwork that goes into hand pressing tablets one by one. Steps: - Active ingredient is pre-measured in small cup - coat die heads with a thin layer of vaseline to aid in release. - tablet binder material is dumped into 20mL glass beaker for mixing - 1 drop of colored water is added to mix, and stirred vigorously until there is no tack to the sides of the glass, but not crumbly. - one die is slid into tablet pressing tube, funnel is fit over top to aid in pouring of tablet mix. - funnel is shaken and removed. - top die piece is put into tablet pressing tube. - entire tube is braced against "anvil" or heavy object. - several quick taps on one end with rubber mallet. - Top die head is quickly, rotated, and tapped down manually to aid in uniform pressing. Repeated several times. - Both ends of the tablet die are pressed in this manner. - A final rotation of the die, and the top is removed. - The bottom is gently pushed up and held just above the rim. - Scalpel is used to cut the score line. beveled at a slight angle to create a V-shaped groove. - edges are wiped and tablet is carefully rotated off the die head, and placed to dry further. I use the top of my moniter for that.

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