Zarda Rice ( How to make Zarda Rice )

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ZARDA Ingredients: sela rice 1/2 kg (soaked for 3 hours in hot water ) sugar 2 cups 1/2 kg or 1.5 kg if you want less green cardamoms 6 cloves 6 water 1/4 cup Zafrani kewra essence 2 tbsp desi ghee 2 serving spoons khoya 1 cup (1 cup nido + 1 pack olperz cream =microwave for 5 minutes first then mix.again microwave for 2 mins .khoya is ready ) food color 1/2 tsp asharfi (tutti fruti ) 1/2 cup pistachio ,almond,coconut 50 grams each (soak in hot water for 30 mins then peel almonds and cut into half,cut coconut in to 1/4 inch piece ). METHOD: first boil water and add food color and half cloves and cardamoms. then add rice and boil them 100% then drain all water and in the same pot add ghee. add remaining cloves and cardamoms. add rice and sprinkle sugar on them. mix gently. add 1/4 cup water and cover the lid for just 1 min. by this sugar will release water and rice will cook in this water nicely. after adding sugar flame will be on high all the time. when all water gets dry add half khoya and half nuts. add 2 tbsp kewra essence and simmer on med flame with a flat tawa under neath for 10 mins. serve hot and remember me in your prayers :) my face book page:

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