Zarda - Sweet Rice

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1 year ago
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Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe to my channel. Ingredients: 1 cup of Rice. 1 tbsp Orange food color. 1 tbsp Orange zest. 3 cCoves. 1/2 cup Sugar. 1 tbsp almonds. (Skinned and thinly sliced. 1 stick of Butter. 1 fresh Lemon juice. 4 green Cardamom. 1 tbsp Raisins. 2 tbsp Half&Half or fresh cream. Recipe: Boil water with food color, cloves. Once the water is boiling add rice. Cook the rice is almost cooked. Drain and put aside. Add a stick of butter and green cardamom to the pan. Once the butter is melted add sugar, almonds, lemon juice and raisins. Add half & half and brig it to a boil. Keep stirring. Add boiled rice and mix it all together. Cook until the mixture is dry. Cover for 5 minutes on low heat. Enjoy. Follow Me: Follow Me: www. Follow Me: Follow Me: www. Follow Me: www. Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.

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