How To Make $1,000 Per Day on w/ Alun Hill

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2 years ago
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See the rest at: When Alun Hill first discovered Udemy, an online platform for learning, he thought this might be an easy way to make some extra money on the side doing something he liked to do. He was already an accomplished travel journalist, business strategist, and TV/radio broadcaster and the thought of putting in work one time (per course) to make money continuously down the road appealed to him. He started out taping courses in the corner of his living room, and the first 20 months of being on Udemy yielded only $3,000 of income total. In January of 2014; however, he decided to take it more seriously and found ways to dramatically increase his viewership and students. Now, he has over 103,000 students making $1,000 a day using a third party platform to sell his knowledge.

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