DIY 230v AC to 12v DC Rectifier Homemade

1 year ago
Categories: Education

Hello my dear friend, In this video, we will see about How to make 230v Ac to 12v DC coverter and it is Awesome, working fine.But be careful while you make the connection,try not to touch the AC power supply Once you turned ON. It is helpful for every 12v appliances like DC motors, Spot welding, Charging, Light, Radio, etc and even can be used for below volt Appliances like phone charging, etc..It can done yourself by following these steps and circuits and becareful while having with 230 volt once you turned ON the Power supply, use proper insulation wherever necessary. Required : 1.Step down transformer 500mA, 2.Tape, 3.1N 4007 Diode, 4.Led, 5.1.5k Ohm & 330 ohm, 6.Piece of Board, 7.Switch, 8.Male & Female Connector, 9.Piece of wires, 10.Pad, 11.Box, # Welcome to my channel where you will learn how to make handmade crafts, new creative crafts, gadgets. The main thing is that one can make it at home and with your Own hands. # If you are interested in handyworks, crafts, or you have nothing to do. # You can find this channel you really need. Here you can find lots of crafts, hand made things & you can make it at lowest price available at your nearest shop. WARNING: I am not responsible for your damage of products and shortcircuits. Be aware with the 230 voltage and use safty gadgets wherever necessary like Insulating Mat, Slippers, For more video : & Follow us : facebook - Pinterest - google plus - Linked in - twitter - tumblr -

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